About Bonnie

I've been taking pictures my whole life...professionally for the past 7 years.
I made the switch to digital while spending 5 years doing missionary work in Africa. Obviously, film was a bit expensive and really difficult to get through airport security! haha! But still enjoy shooting film from time to time.
I got my first digital camera and started shooting along the coast of Kenya and in many senses never have come back from that journey. My goal is to document life how I see it, be that on the slopes of a mountain or in a portrait of a new family.

My passion is creating surrealistic portraits that speak beauty in what would otherwise be rather somber.
I love travelling to shoot the beautiful weddings that I am chosen to be a part of, and often end up doing babies and family portraits of these family's later on...which is a huge affirmation :-)

Extreme Sports Photography is my focus during much of the winter and is such an incredible challenge and blessing to my life. I love being able to snowboard all day for work :-) Most of the athletes I photograph have such incredible skills and talents in what they do that I feel compelled to lend my talent's in photography to show them off. The lifestyle of snow.

I love learning new things about photography techniques and software in the ever changing world of digital style and am a member of Professional Photograpers of America (PPA.)

Most people can find me either behind the camera, snowboarding, kayaking, camping, holding a paintbrush, microphone, guitar, walking my dog or in a yoga classroom.

Bonnie and her dog Peaches (brown & white in image) live in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.